Project Details

Housed within a double volume premise meant for light industries, an industrial minimalist themed collaboration between Lee Motors Bodyworks and Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters is introduced to automotive enthusiasts and the local community in Sungai Lalang, Kedah. Located in a small town, the premise houses several functions- an imported super car showroom, automobile bodyworks centre, café as well as an office built on the mezzanine level. We were involved mainly on the café design, where an industrial theme was preferred by the client, to be brought out with retro and rustic elements. Red brick pillars, terrazzo floors and minimal wood finish use, contributed to a rough & natural look, while huge metal trusses design was used resembled a raw industrial look. To complement the signature clean and sleek image of Frank Laurent cafes, the counter was made with stainless steel top and dark stone imitation laminates along with black furniture, minimalistic elegant elements are integrated within the space too.

To accommodate different preferences of customers, the café offers four different seating options- dining seating, bar seating, long table seating and lounge seating. This wide variety of seating options brought about through the design allows the café to serve various customer needs for different occasions; be it a lounge area for the customers visiting the automotive bodyworks centre or the local community looking for a place to chill and conduct various functions. Making use of the double volume characteristic of the premise, attention is given to the height by using full glass panels spanning from ground to ceiling that allow ample natural lighting for the space. A unique point is added by placing arch structures with faux frames of glazing bars across the glass panels. This not only imitates a traditional paned window look but also has practical use by incorporating bench seating into the arch structures. In addition to this, black colored metal plates and massive trusses form a hanging ceiling over the counter yet sleek in design, draws attention to the space. Together with detailed lighting effects and selection of industrial pendant lamps and neon tube lights, further enhanced an industrial warehouse /retro semblance within the space.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor, Winni Phan, Vivian Khor