Project Details

CHAOS Design Studio took the client’s challenge to convert a roof top terrace into an office and to move away from the traditional, mundane and grey office space and instead focus on a rewarding environment for the staff in form of relaxing ambience by incorporating the creative and buzzing environment of a contemporary café and strategically mixing resting areas and work space. By transforming the original space into its current design, nature is still subtly present through its courtyard providing ambience through abundance of natural light, fresh air and greenery set right in the heart of the office space.

The designer provided an open solution design where the walls of hierarchy between staff are torn down and replaced by open spaces and a number of common areas. This includes an open discussion forum in form of a comfortable, less formal couch-corner, replacing the traditional meeting room, encouraging more contact and open discussion between the staff. A clever blend of different floor materials and patterns are used to divide the spaces eliminating the need for separating walls. Here, creative communication is the focus – and the ambience is designed to enable the creation of the best products possible and lead the way for the creative mind to unleash its full potential.

Upon entering the office, you will see the café corner and the wall art using black metal sheets with a laser-cut world map on top of cork backing which together showcases the company values in encouraging interaction, open discussion and serves as a reminder about the endless opportunities and diversity this world provides.

Industrial material in form of beams and channels blended in contrast with warm timber panels provide a professional yet comfortable setting. The asymmetrical, custom made furniture echoes the company’s stance to avoid common, mass-produced influence and the designer’s own effort to create unique furniture are additional testaments to encouraging creative output and non-conformity.

No suspended ceiling was deliberately used to ensure higher ceiling space to cleverly utilize the lines of the electrical wiring as linear guided paths throughout the office space and additionally cut costs.

The design’s intention is to provide a platform and an arena for the staff to easily share ideas, conversations, give feedback, leading the staff to work at their best and subsequently becoming the motivating factor for peak creative performance.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor , Vivian Khor, Serena Foo