Project Details

Part of the Plain B chain stores that are known throughout Malaysia for their trendy and fashionable Ladies’ wear and bold outlet designs, this particular retail shop is located inside the Aeon Mall in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. We were briefed on creating a space that appeals to the younger generation, at the same time, maintain an air of elegance to the outlet. Hence, the idea of light wooden laminates and bright open spaces coupled with a Grey and dark Blue colour scheme for contrast came to light. Overall, the design is clean, simple and open. The entrance is framed with light wooden laminates which gives a warm welcome to its customers. A large multi-functional, monkey bar-style rack provides space for hanging garments and accessory displays while also adding to the simple geometrical elements of the design. Towards the end, a focal point in the form of a linked space between the cashier counter and changing rooms is painted in monochromatic Blue from floor to ceiling, appearing to give 3-dimensional depth to the outlet as well as allow the surrounding furniture and garment displays to stand out more prominently. The cashier counter is creatively installed with floor lighting and slanted at an angle to break away from conventional boundaries and create a sense of heightened space. Hovering in parallel direction are ceiling thread rail lights, which offer sufficient illumination while being a statement of fashion itself. Every inch of space was maximised to fully utilise its potential and achieve a conducive environment for its shoppers.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor, Kitty Koay