Project Details

Nippy Gelato is an ice cream booth selling artisan gelato in Macallum Connoisseurs in Georgetown, Penang. For this project, we were challenged with how we could make a small booth stand out in a big space using a simple and clean design approach. Considering this point, we decided to come out with a footprint of the form of the design, that could aid in ensuring that the booth was positioned at a direction that could be seen from all angles. The chosen design embodied a trapezium like massing, that was imagined as a 3D model, divided into several block slices. Maintaining the lowest and highest points of the trapezium block as a serving counter and suspended signage structure, the design was formed to occupy just enough visibility from each perspective, to dimensionally stand out yet not be too bulky. The selection of materials and colours, create a clean cut and sleek vibe. Refined elegance was also depicted in the consistently squarish form with rounded edges. With straight-line designs as the backdrop, the round logo stands out as an emblem for the brand, making it recognisable to all the customers who enter the café.

Chaos Design Team:

Serena Foo, Charles Khor &  Ng Ke Quan