Project Details

Mon Chéri Essentials is a natural skincare brand of French origins. The brand set up a booth at SOGO department store  to feature its line of high-end skincare and cosmetic products. Using its corporate colours of Dark Amber as the primary colour in juxtaposition with White to symbolise cleanliness and purity, the product counter is designed with a floor-to-ceiling backdrop that also serves as the main product display rack. The main product counter is designed with an organic form and encased in Suede to give it a soft finishing. For the surrounding product counters, spray-painted steel frames that line the perimeters of the cabinets provide a simplistic outlook to the overall design. Ample space for product displays and product testing activities are meticulously planned with individual display stands and elongated product counters. Little details that can be found in the decorative displays of European influence complete the look and help to project a sophisticated image for the brand.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor & Vivian Khor