Project Details

Situated within the newly revived Macalister Hotel at the crossroads of Jalan Macalister and Lebuh Nanning, this heritage building is reminiscent of the old Colonial era, but with a somewhat more refined elegance. Through its doors, however, one is transported to modern times, with a monochrome minimalist theme for the Frank Laurent café, part of a fast-growing coffee chain that started in Penang, and a bright, youthful and nature-inspired look for Masons, a luxurious line of natural skincare. Both stand in stark contrast of one another yet unified in their elements of Steel and Metal – one is deep, dark and sophisticatedly edgy while the other is a picture of vibrant youth, bright and radiating. Keeping in line with its other signature branches, the Frank Laurent café is pretty upfront with a play of geometrical elements that is neatly topped with natural stone finish, maintaining its masculine elegance with a sleek, Stainless Steel bar top. Here, you can indulge in a cup of the freshly brewed coffee and a light, home-baked snack, in the comfort of your choosing, from bar stools to proper dining chairs and cosy lounge seats. Across on the other side, Masons’ skincare concept, which embodies beauty and tranquillity, is portrayed in shades of Beige and Rose Gold, with a deep Blue on the lower cabinets to ground the space. Some greenery is used to provide a feeling of being at one with nature, whilst a brushed copper island table complete with copper stools makes for a perfect modern setting for product discussions and casual meetings.

Chaos Design Team

Charles Khor, Vivian Khor, Ng Ke Quan, Pon Yi Jing