Project Details

The Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters is a fast-growing chain that started in Penang at Udini Square. With the recent expansion, the coffee outlet has been re-designed to maximise the use of working space for the employees while providing ample seats for dine-in customers. In keeping with the vogue vibes of the brand, the café is designed in a neutral palette of white, black and grey. Pale beige and mid-Brown tones are used to give warmth to the environment. One part of the café was enclosed for coffee brewing, cupping and serving, while the rest of the outlet was maximised with tables seating from 2 to 10. The serving counter is designed in white to give off a sense of cleanliness and orderliness. The wall-mounted shelves are great for ornamental displays and spray-painted in black for contrast and highlight. The look is completed with Scandinavian style pendant lights that adds to a rich ambiance. With that, the brand’s elegant tone of voice is once again reflected in this stylish and chic café.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor, Vivian Khor