Project Details

Completed in end of 2017, the Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters new Experience Workshop is housed within 900 square feet of commercial space in Udini Square mall, which is located next to Tesco E-gate, Penang. The client is a young entrepreneur with an ingrained passion for coffee and beyond that, a great coffee experience. We had decided to adopt modern Japanese minimalism for the interior design of the cafe Experience Workshop, after taking into consideration the client’s aspirations to create a lifestyle brand and his preference for simple and modern designs, branches out from it’s existing cafe branding and style. Spatial planning became the priority for a venue that is constrained in space. In order to make room for multi-purpose functions – coffee brewing, cupping and serving – a flexible design in the form of an interchangeable kitchen island was materialised. Keeping the elements of design at a bare minimum, the island counter features an open concept with glass partitions, which allows for better interaction with the customers as well as offers a sense of a larger space. The island counter also comprises a pastry preparation area as well as a pastry display case. These workstations are designed for versatility and flexibility in the event that one or more workstations are added or removed in the future as each counter joinery is detachable and portable. To maintain a slim and sleek profile that contributes to a minimalist environment as well as provide ease of use and maintenance for the workers, all workstations are equipped with high quality, stainless steel tops. Upon entering the cafe, customers may choose from the larger tables at the centre or opt for one of the high tables that are designed for more privacy. With the use of basic colours –¬†white with wooden accents throughout the cafe and a minimalist merchandise wall display for aesthetics, the result is a chic and tasteful venue where coffee lovers can hang out and chill with friends.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor & Serena Foo