Project Details

Blanc is a 42-seat fine-dining restaurant nestled in the historic yet sophisticated Macalister Mansion, a restored colonial boutique hotel in the heart of Georgetown, Penang. For this project, our role was to refurbish the interior of the restaurant to fit its new branding direction. This was done through designing the space to bring out an Old English vibe within a modern society, while incorporating elements that created a warmer, more polished and elegant dining environment. A dark blue and metallic gold colour scheme was used to produce that effect.

The walls of the restaurant were designed with classical panels using walnut timber and refined white fixtures, along with embellishments of vintage photography, all of which set the backdrop for the desired Old English vibe. Integrating modern elements into a classical ambience, a metallic gold frame with a timber semi screening, surrounds the waiting area. The purpose of such a design was to establish a more private and undisturbed space for the comfort of customers waiting and dining. Besides the illuminating metallic gold elements, dark blue coloured, velvet fabric used for the furniture adds tone and texture.

All the dining furniture are easily adjustable to accommodate different functions and requirements, for greater flexibility in serving customers. This includes the white tree and long dismantlable banquet seat, that were maintained from the previous design. The chosen lighting and fixtures make the space feel wider and more dimensional. Designedly crafted for those seeking a more private dining experience, a long dining table at a corner in the dining area is sectioned off from the customers and hotel guests by a custom-made metal screening and a wine rack, which also serves a display purpose. The VIP room, with Victorian style furniture and fittings offers another more personal, away from the crowd, alternative to dining at the restaurant. Unlike a traditional Victorian dining hall, it has been constructed with a much simpler and cleaner design to appeal to this modern era. Alongside modernized fixtures such as the neoteric chandelier, a faux fireplace with a mantel for displaying decoration items was also erected.

A welcoming sense of classiness and elegance greets the customers from the entrance and waiting, all the way throughout their dining experience, within this tastefully blended environment.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor & Vivian Khor