Project Details

The Bebebutterfly Boutique outlet is one of the household brand’s chain stores in Malaysia, situated in Aeon Mall at Station 18 in Ipoh, Perak. Since this was our sixth collaboration with Bebebutterfly, we were already very familiar with the company’s corporate image and branding. As an umbrella for contemporary brands that include Plain B (which appeals to the younger generation), Bebe Beige (specialising in dinner dresses and evening gowns) and the name Bebebutterfly (fashionable clothes for the middle-aged group) itself, the client wanted a sophisticated looking retail store with unconventional clothes displays, ease of movement and a clean and organised ambiance. We decided to use black and white steel frames as the repeating element that outlines and emphasises the form of the store, against the stark contrast of a clean, white background. Upon entering the store, the repeating black outlines help to extend the space visually, giving one a sense of roominess and tidiness. The payment counter became the main focal point of the store with its metal gold finishing that provides contrast to its black and white theme. To create a cohesive environment, the store was infused with touches of Metal Gold elements throughout its interior. With an emphasis on simple forms, a light warm colour theme and sleek, minimalist design, the resulting outcome is that the store appears much larger than the 2,000 square feet of space it is situated on.


Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor, Vivian Khor & Arica Woo