Project Details

The Bebebutterfly Boutique is a local clothing chain store located in The Starling Mall at Damansara Utama in Petaling Jaya. This particular outlet functions as a concept store for two brands under the company, Bebebutterfly and Plain B. Consistent with the theme of the other outlets by the brand, the client requests for emphasis on a sophisticated looking retail store with unconventional clothes displays, ease of movement and a clean and organised ambiance. This was incorporated in the materials used in the designs. The repeating element of black and white steel frames used, created a tidy and spacious-looking space. Its simplicity also added to the mature and sophisticated theme. As Plain B targets young woman through trendy, fashionable clothing line, a more youthful and natural theme was adopted. We decided to use earthy tones and textures to ground the design. Light wooden panels coupled with stone panels, add a neutral tone yet naturalistic beauty to the surrounding, ensuring an easy-on-the-eyes environment, while allowing the clothes to stand out. The vertical placement of the materials such as long wood blocks and metallic frames to form a uniform design, formed a visually pleasing retail store for customers to shop in.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor & Vivian Khor