Project Details

A design proposal project, undertaken by our team  for our client, for the design of her dream city home. One of the most lavish condominiums on the Penang island with resort-style facilities and 4,000 square feet of space to spare, 18 East @ Andaman is home to a privileged few. As the external outlook of the condo had more of a classical architecture, and after discussing it with our client, we decided to go for a modern classic style and went ahead to dress her home up in modern classic crossed with elegant contemporary design. In simplifying the complications of Classical design, we minimised individual classical profiles and combine them with modern material and form in furniture and fittings. Reflective and metallic furniture and fixtures add a luxurious touch to the whole space, and we used them to highlight the side of cabinets, the kitchen island seat’s legs, and so on. The use of Granite and Marble for the kitchen island and other furniture also add to the natural and classy look of the whole house. The owner had mentioned that she preferred Burgundy for her Living and common areas. We complemented this rich, grounding colours with neutral and cosier colours, or what we would describe as an Earthy palette of nudes and browns. This house was designed for our client who had a liking for more organically shaped objects and décor, and we tried to implement that in every aspect of colour, shape, texture and art. In the Master Bedroom, we implemented the classic ceiling design and wall panels, complemented by the classical drawers and cabinets, and classic timber flooring. The design was kept simple and clean, while modern elements were incorporated on the furniture such as the modern vanity table, which was built into classical wall cabinets. Modern materials were also used to give the environment a sense of modernity. Most spaces also feature a play of key colours by having a more dominant and prominent colour in contrasting juxtapositions with neutral and earthy colours. The Study and Piano room is designed mainly for the owner’s children, hence, a more vibrant and youthful colour scheme and concept was employed. More round objects and décor were used to bring about a playful ambience, in contrast with the other living spaces in the house.

Chaos Design Team:

Charles Khor, Ng Ke Quan